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Hi there! As you've probably noticed, we're busy doing other stuff and have long stopped writing new articles here at Softies on Rails. However, we've provided a handy archive below, in case you want proof of our long history of having no clue what we're doing.

You can also check out the book we wrote back in 2008. It's out of print now, but you can find it around the interwebs, if you look hard enough.

Where are they now?

Brian Eng (follow on Twitter) lives with his family in the suburbs of Chicago, where he serves as a human punching bag.

In his spare time, he is Managing Partner at Bluebuzzard, a small software company that uses Ruby on Rails and other open-source technologies to make the hospitality industry a better place.

Jeff Cohen (follow on Twitter) is Lead Instructor at Code Academy, a beginner-focused, 11-week web development training program based in Chicago.

In 2008, Jeff started Purple Workshops, conducting beginner-level workshops in Ruby, Rails, and agile software techniques. He speaks at technical conferences throughout the year, and is now a Ruby on Rails contributor, teacher, and writer.